Sunday, October 21, 2012

WOW-Declaration of WAR from the Youth of France

Thank you KG=Crusader Rabbit...
You must watch at least two times to juxtapose what these brave ones are saying and how it speaks to what is happening  here in the US and in all freedom loving countries including Australia and NZ-
Open borders-forced anti white racism and et al--

KG-You are welcome to add to my take...


KG said...

Great stuff! Thanks for the H/T Carol.
Perhaps this really is the beginning of the people of Europe taking back their countries from the unelected faceless ones in Brussels, from the lawyers and academics who infest politics everywhere and from the loathsome U.N.
Europe may burn in the process, because liberty never comes cheap, but the alternative is a creeping fascism and slavery.
Never was the choice more stark and that choice will have to be made sooner or later in every Western country.

christian soldier said...

KG- I 'm ready - I think-
one never knows if one is truly ready for battle-
but- with out life-liberty and property - there is nothing to do but to fight!
Thank you for the video and for your take--

MathewK said...

The irony is that a few years ago those same youngsters would have marched chanting leftist slogans about multi-culturalism, anti-Americanism and all that.

Glad to see they've finally woken up to what's really being done to them. They'd better be prepared for it, those who betrayed them and sold them out won't go quietly into the night.

christian soldier said...

RWT-I am too!