Sunday, November 4, 2012

ART and MUSIC - To The ARTS !!!

Don't Only Practice Your Art-
But, Force Your Way Into Its Secrets
For It and Knowledge Can Raise Men To The Devine-

Ludwig van Beethoven

Enjoy - My Friends:Notice how many young people are in the orchestra!

When we take our education system back- music and art will be added first- and with those- Reading- Writing and Arithmetic will come more smoothly to the students-
During my tenure of teaching- I taught art and music to K- 6 - the supposed 'hyperactive' (now it's called ADD) students were NOT hyperactive in my classes!
The Piano Guys -made this video on this post and the one I posted below-link in red-
Did You Know That Five Guys Can Play The Piano!
Look how many young people are at Jon's Concert--Excellence and Passion  will draw and audience..


rosey said...


Again, you find the right chord with me.....

When I was in high school I started taking music lessons (percussion) and was active all four years in Concert Choir (bass), Swing Choir (bass), Concert band (percussion), swing band (percussion), marching band (percussion) and Symphony band (percussion). I have marched in 5 Rose parades (Oregon not Pasadena) and the most memorable music experience of my life was when our concert choir was chosen to accompany the Oregon Symphony for one song. That experience, standing on risers smack dab in the middle of the Orchestra and absorbing the sound from within was almost religious. Through the whole number I swear I had goosebumps funning up and down my body (like that tingle Christ Mathews feels for Obama). The steaophonic perfectness of that moment was astounding and this video brought that memory back to me as I watched it like it happened yesterday......

christian soldier said...

R- Good to 'meet' a fellow musician and music lover--!!

rosey said...

Of course that was 38 years ago.

Trekkie4Ever said...

Wish I had the talent to play a musical instrument.

It's so lovely and peaceful.