Thursday, November 8, 2012

No Difference Between the Rs and the Ds& CHRISTIANS Stand UP

There has been no difference between the parties in years– and years–
Saw that as a young volunteer- when the R elites ‘gave’ us in CA a man named HUFFINGTON when our Congressman Dannemeyer was winning–
many veteran volunteers stopped volunteering and voted for the D- Feinstein-saying-she would be better than HUFFINGTON…

you all recognize the name HUFFINGTON – the X of Arianna  Huffington of the Huffinton Post…That Huffington!
thanks R elites – for all you have done for our great Republic SARC..

Like the Black Robed Pastors of the Revolution (the BLACK REGIMENT)  -

The “Black Regiment” (Pastors who signed the Declaration in 1776) believed that God was in control and also believed that GOD gave us control here on earth- NO WHIMPS THEY!!
We in the US have lost the HIStory of this great Republic–
“Occupy til I come.” Lk 19- Christ’s (thus God’s ) COMMAND to us–all Christians-

You will love this HISTorical overview of Muelenerg -Hertiage of the FoundingFathers...
John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg was an American clergyman, Continental Army soldier during the American Revolutionary War, and political figure in the newly-independent United States. Wikipedia
Born: October 1, 1746
Died: October 1, 1807

BTW-We must get our education system back!
if John Dewey and his communist ‘friends’ can sit at a coffee shop at the turn of the last century (1900- that turn )-: and write-state aloud- and follow through with a plan to overtake the excellent Ed System of the US – and they did – while our families ‘slept’ –We-too- can write -coalesce-state-and follow through w a plan to stop the dumbing down of our youth!!
 and return LATIN to our Ed System-70% of the English language has a Latin base-
and the Latin meaning for right is beneficium..


Mustang said...

Carol, I have spoken to parent groups on numerous occasions, from Massachusetts to California, and from Florida to Texas, about our dismal education system. They all sit and nod their heads, as if they know exactly what I am talking about … but not one of these groups ever decided to take the initiative to wrestle local school boards/districts back from the communists who now run them. Not one. I understand the reasons for this: it is because they too were educated in the same system. It is because taking back education will be a tough fight … and no one has the time for a tough fight any more. Oh sure, they have time to complain … but that is as far as it goes.

I agree with you that education is a serious problem, but it is not our number one problem. What is? Our number one problem in America is that we are a nation without virtue. There is only one direction for a nation without virtue … and you can see that place as well as I.

christian soldier said...

M- indeed our Biblical roots have been abdicated-and without them - all other ideals fail--
The original reason why I chose to Homeschool-was - that I knew the basics were no longer being taught--when I found out about the true HIStory of this Republic..I did an 'about face' on my own semi liberalism (I was taught in the system ) and have never turned back--
My son was accepted to West Point and the AFA-

Do you still speak nationally?--and do you ever come to CA--
Z has my e-mail -

MathewK said...

I don't blame the republicans for this, you can't win when the public isn't interested in what you're selling. There has been a fundamental shift in the American mindset.

Now that I think about it, it have shifted long ago and we're just seeing it played out in earnest now.

More people are taking than making and they now control the levers, they won't give it back, no nation at this stage has ever done this.

Only way I see is for some of the red states to leave the union, cut the parasites off. Don't even know if it's possible or if there is any appetite for it.

Only other alternative is the hope that a greek-style economic collapse and years of grinding poverty will burn people to their senses and they turn back.

Mind you i 'hope' they come to their senses, it's a slim hope on that front as well.

Trekkie4Ever said...

I agree with Mustang, about virtue and morality being flushed down the commode.

Our country needs a total overhaul and with the current administration that's not going to happen it's only going to get worse.

The GOP may have the house, but they lack the courage to stand up to the Dems, they aren't innocent either.

Kid said...

I'd say there is no difference between the dems and repubs other than how they present themselves.

They're both evil.