Monday, November 12, 2012

Yon's and My Take on Petraeus

 I 'smell' a  set up as to  General Petraeus- West Point-honored officer-
I also 'smell' something funny about the 'shack babe' Broadwell -West Point -
I'll keep investigating this incident because I feel it has to do with huge cover-ups by the communist in chief and the long term elites from both parties --and Benghazi too--
I remember - way back when- reading about the generosity of Petraeus to young soldier who accidentally shot him - and yet- Petraeus - instead of retribution- sent the young soldier to Ranger School:

This is Micael Yon's take on the Petraeus 'affair':and a quote from his article:
"During 2007, at the peak of the Iraq war, an infantry lieutenant colonel told me about the time that Colonel Petraeus was shot during training.  A Soldier accidentally put a bullet straight through Petraeus’s chest.  Blood and lungs were coming from his mouth.  Petraeus nearly died.
Normally a mistake like this might end the career of the Soldier who fired the shot, and it might adversely affect the career of his commanding officer.  Instead, Colonel Petraeus survived and he sent the young Soldier to Ranger school. It was the young commander, now older, who told me the story in Iraq. His man fired the shot that almost killed Petraeus.   If Petraeus had kicked the young officer out of the Army, it would have been our loss. Instead, Petraeus took a bullet to the chest and he turned it into a teachable moment.  That is David Petraeus." 

UPDATE w/many video and commentary links:

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