Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Latin Meaning for LEFT is SINISTRA or Sinister-

and one of the Latin meanings for RIGHT is BENEFICIUM-
so-you all see why Latin was removed from our Education system by the Leftist Progressives at the turn of the 1900s -
___Just to remind-the 8th grade test for US students 1895-__
How many could pass it today-even college grads---


Kid said...

Interesting, I didn't know that.

Jg. for FatScribe said...

funny ... in my story about Crookshank, his grandfather talks about him being sinistral because he's left-handed. great minds, huh?

btw, posted the script again for you (just a snippet, mind you ... btw, let me know if you think you know what's going on with this opening of "The Corporation." the believers i know sort of get it ... you can always snag the text from FatScribe and paste into your email or word program for reading later.

just thought i'd post til later ...


christian soldier said...


FS-thank you - 'pasted' it to an e-mail to my self...

MK said...

Leftism is an old disease, those before us have had to fight it, sometimes lose to it, sometimes win over it. Here's to hoping we can triumph over it.

Mark in Spokane said...

Bene! Veritas est!

christian soldier said...

MK-and isn't it interesting that left does mean sinister- and they left are- aren't they-

M-never had Latin in my 'top schools' it had been removed-
when I homeschooled-I purchased the Latin Road to the English Language format and learned along with my off-spring--loved it!

BB-Idaho said...

Being ancient, I had a couple years of Latin in HS. Many English
words derive from Latin (Liberal, for example comes from 'liber' meaning free. The complexities of
historical linguistics can lead us astray; for example, in the Plantagenet motto 'Dieu et mon droit' (God and my right)which is
derived from Latin, the term droit
is contentiously argued as either
'my right to be king' or as 'my right hand'-giving rise to quite
different meaning. Linguistic changes such as that could lead
to the left-handed Benjamin Netanhayu being considered as
'sinister'. We may be assured that
word meanings change over time,
very slowly before the invention of printing, faster after and these days of instant communications, very rapidly.
Thanks for reminding of the fascination of the study of words...

christian soldier said...

BB-thank you for stopping by -you were fortunate-to have had Latin in school..