Monday, July 11, 2011

Kate's-Maternal Side Is Jewish-So-Off Spring Will be Jewish-God Has to Be Smiling

The Royal Couple Were in LA- the photos are amazing- I like her more and more -she has more class than most of the Hollywood women...
As to William-he has always shown class to me--and he's a great rider-serves as a pilot in the military-How can Britain be so lucky!
Understand- the lineage of Jews is always followed through the Mother's line-Kate's family tree on her mother's side-:
It is interesting to note the following in the family tree of Kate
Middleton, wife of Prince William: Kate's mother is Carol Middleton,
daughter of Ronald Goldsmith and Dorothy Harrison (both Jews).
The parents of Dorothy Harrison are Robert Harrison and Elizabeth
Temple (both Jews), The latter a descendant of the Myers family
(traditional English Jews in the 19th century).
Bottom line: Princess Kate is a Jew on her matrilineal side, and as a
consequence, the future king of England will be a Jew according to
Jewish Law and tradition. (Oy !)

The followers of Islam are probably not smiling! I am - though :-)

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