Tuesday, July 5, 2011

It's Time to Do More Than Just Wave the Flag-

Thanks to my Aussie Friend - KG- I was directed to this piece of Freedom loving admonition - very similar to .."Give me Liberty or give me death!"

Here is a teaser and the link:Porretto's -Our Lives - Our Fortunes and Our Sacred Honor-
I'm no longer sure that any appreciable number of Americans really want to be free. Thomas Szasz once defined freedom as "That which you demand for yourself but would deny to others." Perhaps the majority of us no longer demand it even for ourselves. Perhaps we merely hope that our fetters will sit lightly upon us: that we might gaudeamus until nos habebit humus.

What is it to be, America? On this 235th anniversary of the ratification of the Declaration of Independence, what future do you desire: for yourselves, your fellow citizens, and your posterity?

Oh, forget I said anything. Enjoy your barbecues. Wave your flags without a thought for what they once symbolized: the willingness of free men to die rather than accept a return to bondage.

Happy Independence Day, fellow serfs. Sleep peacefully this night; I shall not.


They Say/We Say said...

Too many in this country just can't believe or don't want to believe that the Dems are on a war path to destroy this country (and some Repubs).

christian soldier said...

TS-the path of destruction has been going on -slooooowly - covertly- for over hundred years---
I know that there are at least 56 (only took 56 signers of Declaration of Independence) who would fight for Freedom again :-)-we must focus and stick together-

MK said...

Most people yearn for the security that comes with government, they don't quite realize the bondage that comes with it until they are in bondage themselves.