Thursday, July 28, 2011

Homosexual Group-OUTSERVE-"Encouraging' DoD to 'Recruit' Homosexuals

" active-duty Air Force officer who founded OutServe, said the military should think of gays when recruiting..."
your thoughts---


Kid said...

I think it's wrong to focus on any group in this context. Being a volunteer service they should focus on anyone who appears capable and interested and leave it at that.

I read some milblogs that suggest this form on multiculturalism in the military will destroy it.

Most young men simply don't want to have something rammed up or down their.. well, excuse the pun.

From what I read from people in the service, it simply is not going to go over well.

christian soldier said...

K-that is the take that I have- from our BEST -veterans and serving military...

KG said...

It begins to look like a deliberate ploy to weaken the military.
Having served, I can't think of many things more destructive for small-unit cohesion.

christian soldier said...

KG-I believe it is --and a PC ploy as well!!