Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Fustration W/ Oppressive Government & Sleeping Citizens

I link all of these news items from Drudge-because they demonstrate 100 years of covert take over of our Freedom-
Elderly woman fined $100 by threatening sanitation worker-
My tax $$$ at "work"-prison shrink paid $800,000+ a year
"white girl bleeds a lot-
Cheating encouraged in our schoolsvideo
Minority (Black-"victims") -mob stabs white guy-'officials' say it is a growing problem--video

Time to take our Education system back and then our CONSTITUTIONAL mandates ..1895 8th grade test linked to ths--:no college grad could pass it today--


MK said...

That prison shrink being paid hundreds of thousands says it all doesn't it.

It's a bit like here in Australia, illegal aliens get access to our high court, but ordinary Australians who actually fund the high court are denied access.

Things have to get a lot worse i fear, before they'll get better. Mind you i'm making a big assumption that they can get better.

christian soldier said...

MK-and illegal aliens - living here- boo the US - at UCLA-they know no thing will happen ..
as to the government take over of Constitutional mandates-grrrrrrr