Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lynyrd Skynyrd Sweet Home Alabama-

After a plane crash killed many in the first group- it re- formed-
I believe this is a concert w/ the original group:


Dave in PB said...

The Crash was in 1977 so this vid is legit for the original band. Later they formed BHLT with Dickey Betts, Jimmy Hall, Chuck Leavell & Butch Trucks

christian soldier said...

D-thanks for the info-
my brother went to a concert hear and see the Skynyrd group-and told me about it--
I had forgotten them--glad they are doing well...

midnight rider said...

The Curse of Lynyrd Skynyrd

The only members left from the original 1973 band that produced Freebird & Sweet Home Alabama are Gary Rossington, Bob Burns, Artimus Pyle and Ed King. Rossington is the only one left still in the band itself.

This video is form 1976 (not 1974 as it states) and is from their concert at Knebworth Park in England. I posted a bunch of vids from that concert at IBA a year or more ago. Good stuff, most are still on youtube.

Dave in PB -- as far as I know none of the Skynyrd members were part of BHLT. That was mostly Allman Brothers Alumni during their breakup period late 70's early 80's (before they came back with Enlightened Rogues). The remaining Skynyrd Members (that were still in condition to) formed the Rossington Collins Band after the crash until they reconstituted Skynyrd. But I could be wrong.