Friday, July 15, 2011

bho-Quit LYING--Joe Walsh Is a Statesman-Not a Washington R Elite

Finally-an elected Congressman who tells it like it is-no RINO here!

Viewed this interview at CNN of all places!-This was my first introduction to Walsh-WOW-
after you view this-you will know why I am slowly leaving FOX-"fair and balanced"-
BTW-o'reilly went along w/ a lib's comment that Bachmann was acting like a third grader---grrrrrrrrr-FOX-get your act together or you lose!!

did you know that RINO is my creation-


Kid said...

FOX brought bob beckel on. FOX is already gone Dark side.

christian soldier said...

K-'yup' and I no longer enjoy watching FOX except the 206-station- the 205 w/ o'rielly et al is too PC now--

MK said...

Now that's what you all a can of whupass. Good that more and more people are talking like this to him. He is after all their servant, though he acts like their king.