Sunday, July 17, 2011

Marco Rubio-Defeats Lib commentator-See Why I Supported Rubio for Senate

___Gateway link has great video!!___-Where's bho's plan!!!


Kid said...

"We have to stop it there" = "I have no comeback for that one! You've defeated anything my liberal loving brain could possibly put forth at this point.

God Love Marco Rubio. He is focused and he is 100% correct with one exception.
I'm tired of hearing how SS and Medicare are the Only problems in America regards the budget.

SS Is not an entitlement program. I've paid more into it than I'll ever get back. It's a prepaid plan and that's not even considering the devaluation of the dollar. Dollars I paid in in 1970-80-90 were worth a hell of a lot more than the ones these bozos are going to shuffle me monthly at some point in the future.

Before my future SS is cut, I want to see Welfare scaled back, Food stamps. 1 in 6 people in the USA do Not need food stamps.
I'll stop here.

Jg. for FatScribe said...

rubio was on his game (as always). great hope for conservatives (and the rest of the country) when you have a meritocracy putting folks like him into office. God help us if we don't reel these tax and spend yahoos in to some sort of budget that deals with reality of our dire situation.

thx for the post!

MK said...

Always great to see an obama-loving journalist get his ass handed to him.

christian soldier said...

K-welfare -ie:-socialist communism- is what got us in the US into this mess!!so-I agree!

JG-thank you for the encouragement to go to the beach--:-)
I so enjoyed reading your script-
More-more :-)

MK-it does bring a smile-doesn't it (-: