Saturday, July 30, 2011

Las Vegas Police -Killed West Point Grad and Now- Under Scrutiny for Beating a Videoographer

Las Vegas Authorities had better get their act together- or - NO one will visit the place--and it is having 'financial' difficulties as it is!
I posted about the murder of a West Point Grad - Here is a link to his memorial:
now this--


spreadeaglepatriot said...

Hairy Reid (yes the spelling is correct,in my eyes) was voted into office again even with the people knowing well who he is. This is just more reasons for people to stay away from Las Vegas. I feel deepest regrets for these families and victims on many levels. What is wrong with these people?

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KG said...

One of the cops involved in the beating of the cameraman has already killed a couple of people.
Now, those killings may or may not have been justified, but the fact he was still employed on the front line isn't a very good look for the Department.

christian soldier said...

SEP-hairy indeed-

KG-it is looking like the LV police are out of control...

Kadray Browne said...

I live here the las Vegas metro is what the locals call them are nothing more then a trained gang of thugs killers and undercover KKK members they are BULLY their job is suppose to be to protect & serve but all they do is intimidate & KILL and the Obama administration and Eric Holder Attorney General have done NOTHING to protect the rights of these citizens in this HELL HOLE MIRAGE OF A CITY. Keith Hampton ps the CASINO are nothing more then Slave plantations they treat the employees like slaves their always worried about losing their job & the cops are the Casinos Enforcers the city council pass any law the Casino tells them to the Casino is noting more then Legal Mafia and its their (CASINO) attitude that trickles down the to the metro police that gives them the green light to KILL INTIMIDATE VIOLATE CIVIL RIGHTS AND JUST BE COMPLETE JERKS ASSHOLE.