Saturday, July 23, 2011

Transformers - Dark Side of the Moon-Hidden Conservative "Messages"

Remember Sen. Boxer (babs to me) 'chastised' a decorated military officer for calling her Ma'am-(all military show respect to women by calling them Ma'am) -
"..don't call me Ma'am.." and then something about -i'm a senator-i've worked hard etc etc...
You all must see the new Transformers-Dark of the Moon-
There is a reference to the Boxer comment -"Don't call me Ma'am..." (hidden message for conservatives :-)
My estimation of Michael Bay ---was raised!!!!..
and - to note- I am not 'impressed' w/ 'stars' - I look to character and honor --- but- he is one of the few in the "business" whom I now respect...and would even shake his hand---
Transformers Dark of the Moon..trailer-


Lauras Letters said...

I remember it well, and I remember HER well.

Lauras Letters said...

christian soldier said...

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