Thursday, March 14, 2013

Is the US Going the Way of DETROIT?

Read this and weap - my friends


Kid said...

Carol-CS, I think this view is a little extreme in terms of expanding it country wide.
I'm not optimistic. I think we're not going to turn around until a sufficient number of people feel enough pain to truly see what's happening. I believe things will be pretty painful and dark at that point.

But regardless, the serious losers are a smallish minority. We have a lot of takers but most of those will be converted when the unemployment bennies are cut off. It will happen, tho who knows when.

75% of Americans did just fine in the Great Depression and we were never close to being in that state with this
perpetuated recession we are in.

America seems to be rising in spite of the imbecile's efforts to destroy it.

christian soldier said...

K- your history is accurate--during the depression - the un-employment rate was 25%--
were the leftists in charge then - to create a 'annihilation' crisis!
that's a SARC-we know they were---