Sunday, April 7, 2013

Army Lables Christians as Right Wing Extremists!!
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 of ARMY-West Point-the main chapel is one of the most outstanding structures on campus- shaped like a CROSS when viewed from an aerial position (plane or helicopter) 
Christianity was the mainstay for the USMA (West Point) - and all of the other Military Academies ...


William Stout said...

Also included in that list were conservatives who have become the primary threat to a free society if you believe the hype. This is what happens when you allow terrorists to hold classes at Universities, hire politicians who are on a first name basis with terrorists, and '60's radicals run the government. The Obama administration is a who's who of Marxists and Maoists. Did anybody really think that they would be fair minded and truthful?

This is the second time that something like this has hit the news. The first was when Homeland Security did it under Napolitano. The persecution of those of faith has begun in earnest in the United States. Islam, however, is still welcome. Frankly, I'm still waiting for our founding fathers to be labeled terrorists and the U.S. Constitution to be branded as terrorist propaganda.

William Stout said...
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William Stout said...

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christian soldier said...

WS- islam is wlcome- Christ is not--

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They Say/We Say said...

Fascism--divide the races and religions, turn the patriots into the problem of society.
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They Say/We Say said...

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Always On Watch said...

The government designed by our Founders to serve the people has now become the enemy of the people.

Bad times ahead. Very bad times.

Leticia said...

Carol, this is not surprising at all. Obama despises our military and those that oppose is immoral views.

Anyway to dismantle this nation, even our armed forces he'll do it.

Islam is not a threat because he loves them and believes them to be his allies. Idiot.

I heard the other day that many Marines are tired of having to deal with the homosexuals in their groups. They are being ogled and it makes them uncomfortable. Furthermore, we are losing strong men with Christian beliefs because of what Obama has done.

It's all in his plan to destroy our nation and our constitution.

christian soldier said...

AOW-I believe the Hand of God will soon be removed from this Republic- is we do not act soon!

christian soldier said...

L- Our BEST are being placed into dangerous situations- both internally and externally-
and I too had heard that about the Marines and other branches of our service...
there will come a time when the BEST will not volunteer - and why should they!!?!!!

Always On Watch said...

I believe the Hand of God will soon be removed from this Republic- is we do not act soon!

I believe that He is already withdrawing His hand -- gradually.