Friday, April 5, 2013

Losing Our Sons-Long and Bledsoe-Pfc Murdered by Convert to Islam-Bledsoe/Mohamed in Little Rock

Remember this incident!!? 
the interview w/ Huckabee--makes it very clear-
BTW-I knew about islam way back in the 80s--our gvt still does not or will not "GET IT!"

and-while I am at it-
Remember Hassan and Ft Hood!! (No Purple Hearts for those BEST murdered by Hassan-the PC crowd loves islam and hates the US and the BEST of the US)

When are we going to say ENOUGH!?


William Stout said...

As long as Americans fail to recognize the threat, we will fail to defend ourselves and our families. Islam is a poison that works in concert with the left to destroy our culture, our ideals, and our nation. It has always spread by the sword and it will always continue to do so. It even murders it's own believers because they are not the right kind of Muslim. Shiite murders Sunni, Sunni murders Sufi, Wahabi murders Sunni, and so it goes. The first fifty years after the prophets death were some of the bloodiest in Islamic history.

When they were done slaughtering each other, they turned their knives upon Europe and it was not until the Battle of Tours that they were finally stopped. The followers of the Mahdi carried out terror operations against Europeans in the 20's and 30's kidnapping and murdering travelers. Islam then joined the Nazis in World War II and even raised two complete SS divisions to assist with the Holocaust in the Balkans. It is during this time that the Nazi hatred of the Jews intermingled with that of the Muslims and what we know today was birthed.

It was Islam that helped their former SS comrades escape to South America via Odessa in order to avoid prosecution for war crimes and the successor to those men is the Islamic Brotherhood which can trace its ideological lineage directly back to the mouth of Adolf Hitler. This is why Nazi propaganda still sees use in the Middle East and why we see signs in praise of Hitler and the Third Reich at Muslim rallies both here in the United States and elsewhere.

What has proven to be far worse in its destructive capability are the new subversive methods that has been adopted by the followers of the Prophet. They implant themselves in Western governments and slowly subvert the political processes in order to bring about Sharia law and to more firmly establish Islam within the host country. This is the process that is worming its way through Europe and the United States right now. In addition, Imams are spreading the poison of terror to the host nation's youth in order to create hot beds of dissent within the nation in order to foment hatred and anger.

This tactic has been implemented in the Middle East and perfected there and is one of the main reasons for the recent "Arab Spring" which turned out to be a revolution for radicals within the Islamic community returning the Ummah to Sharia and removing secular institutions and practices. So what can be done?

We can try to alert our fellow citizens to what is going on, but I am afraid that we will be wasting our breath. How long have we been railing about out of control government spending? How long have we been harping about the left's encroachment upon our American freedoms? How long have we been telling people that our nation's morals and values are in the toilet? I doubt that anybody would even blink an eye if you smacked them right between the eyes with a 2x4 of truth.

If we are ever going to get our message out we are going to have to engage the left with full force. I believe that we are no longer fighting a cultural war in the U.S., but rather an existential one and we are losing.

William Stout said...
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