Thursday, May 16, 2013

Allen West-on Amnesty-Gun Confiscation-islam Take Over

I believe his last election was 'stolen' by the elites of the R party--
Awesome Take-thank you Lt Col Allen West --


William Stout said...

I have always admired Lt. Col. West. It is good that since leaving the U.S. Congress he has gone with PJ TV. Now we can hear him whenever we want.

christian soldier said...

WS- Good thought - thanks--

Mustang said...

I was actually disappointed with West, Carol. As you know, I live in FL. West battled for four years to get a seat in Congress. Easily, half of his congressional district consisted of Democrats. West seemed to go out of his way to alienate those individuals who he would depend upon for votes in a subsequent election. This was disappointing to me because I donated money to his campaign. The second disappointment was that he told me that he would not accept emails from me because I wasn’t in his congressional district. That really did piss me off. Finally, the census forced the legislature to realign congressional districts and West found himself in a heavily democratic district. I think it was 80%. He didn’t stand a chance, really. But even with that, I think Mr. West forgot that serving in Congress is more like a marathon than it is a sprint. I expected far more from him than he delivered. Even worse, though, he allowed Debbie Wasser Person Schultz to have the last laugh.

christian soldier said...

M-I also donated to his campaign even though I am a Californian--

Thank you for the heads up--I did not know about the other 'stuff'--

We were going to follow up on request for him to head a tour--I will not encourage that 'follow up'--
Thanks again-