Friday, May 3, 2013

Brave High School Woman Chose LIFE-Her High School Banned Her Photo

Catlin Chose LIFE- She Had Her Yearbook Photo taken with her son-
the High School encouraged students to be photographed w/ that which led to achievement-
 some brought their dog--
Catlin brought her son--
after months and
at the last minute before the year book was to be printed-
the powers that be told her that the photo of her w/ her son would not be permitted--
that it would promote 'teen age pregnancy'--
My guess - the powers would encourage ABORTION!!{%224946385103654%22%3A386544181461170}&action_type_map={%224946385103654%22%3A%22news.reads%22}&action_ref_map=[]

As Founder/President of LA Lutherans for LIFE--I would be honored to meet Catlin!!!


Mustang said...

It is heartening to observe a young person sticking to his or her principles. What school systems do naturally is brow beat everyone into the gray flannel suit. This is not how we created the greatest nation in the world, but it is certainly how we will forfeit it.

Kid said...

I hate libtards. Most of them don't even know what they're doing. A nation being led by the lowest intelligence vermin available. Generally speaking.

Carol-CS, also FYI

William Stout said...

By choosing life that student chose to stand by her responsibilities. That is admirable. That the school chose to suppress that photo speaks to the sickness of the liberal mindset.

William Stout said...
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christian soldier said...

M- I have been disgusted w/ the pubic schools for a very loooooong time!

K-thank you for the 'heads up' on the investment idea--

WS- Indeed!!!