Thursday, May 2, 2013

Boston Bombing Terrorists-Treated Better than One of Our BEST Grrrrr

Read and weep - my friends-- this and my post below should make you question as I do-why do our BEST volunteer-with this DoD and DoJ -in control!!!!


Mustang said...

Our service men and women are leaving the military in droves, Carol – officer and enlisted alike. No sane person wants to serve a country that doesn’t value their sacrifices. No one wants to serve under a commander in chief who will sell them down the river, as he did with Ambassador Stevens. I have spoken to many service people of the past several months, and based on the past two general elections, very few of them believe the American people deserve their sacrifices.

Martin Dempsey is a disgrace to the United States Army and the entire Department of Defense. He is CJCS because he is willing to have oral intercourse with that creature who lives in the White House.

christian soldier said...

M--thank you for confirming what I have heard- (and seen for myself)

as to dempsey-
oral intercourse w/ the creature in the WH is a great picture-thank you!! I needed it--

I still have several relatives and friends who are serving and I worry !!