Thursday, September 19, 2013

Does Boehner = (Equal) Benghanzi ? Is He Hiding Something!?

This Article leads me to believe that Boehner is a TRAITOR!!
and-BTW- :
"...Christians in Syria fear the overthrow of the Assad regime."

 Is Boehner hiding Knowledge  of secret arms deals  w/ al quaeda ? He is part of the Gang Of Eight you know!!
from the article :
"Retired Major General Paul E. Vallely told this writer in an interview that he hopes that Boehner “hasn’t been compromised in some way” by the Obama administration because of his reported knowledge of arms transfers through Benghazi."


Kid said...

I'm on record from long ago as having no use for boehner. No good for Americans.

christian soldier said...

K - I totally agree!!

TS/WS said...

this stuff wont come out.
The first black man elected Pres. and then tried for treason--not gonna happen.

christian soldier said...

TS- I know it won't --treason is right!!