Monday, September 30, 2013

Rafael CRUZ-Recognizes Tyranny Because He Lived in Tyrannous Cuba!!-Ted Cruz's Father Speaks!!!

And sees bho touting the same "program" as Castro---

POWERFUL - This Man LOVES the CONSTITUTION and the DECLARATION - and knows the HIStorical roots (BIBLE) from which they came!!!
He is a Christian (Baptist) >>>

My Take- when one has lived with and seen communist socialism- one recognizes the tyrannous doctrine coming from others--(bho and et al) >>>>>
GREAT VIDEO - embed blocked--


Mustang said...

We are such a pathetic people, CS. Today's Americans are living under a communist tyrant and they love it. This proves that the leftist plan to destroy America through educational indoctrination is working according to plan ... and that Americans no longer deserve to dwell within the land of the free.

Trekkie4Ever said...

I couldn't agree more with Mustang. How can they believe all the rubbish they are being fed?

This nation was founded on freedom, NOT communism.

christian soldier said...

M & L- yes- the ed system was usurped a little at a time- staring w/ the communist John Dewey who wrote a plan to take it over at the turn of the last-last century!!