Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Senator CRUZ - You Deserve a SALUTE!! Filibuster Over - Now the Liars Begin- Again- reid- mc cain- and et al-

I stayed up late ( or early in the morning) to listen to a true Patriot hold the floor of the Senate--and I saw the last hour live--Recorded the session from 12:30 AM on - and will be viewing it today !
Senator C  R  U  Z  - I salute you!!

up-date- WOW-Rush and Sen Cruz--a must visit!!
a titillateor-from the broadcast :
"...the American people rose up in enormous numbers, and so what I would say is, "Listen, at this stage in the fight, the fight is in the people's hands," and if we want to change Washington and get Republicans to listen, get Democrats to listen, what has to happen is I would urge every one of your listeners to go to to sign the national petition, number one.  Number two, to pick up the phone, call their senators and tell them, "Vote 'no' on cloture; stand strong on defunding Obamacare."
 A N D- Sen Cruz mentioned reading a speech by Rush's father- __The Americans Who Risked Everything_


TS/WS said...

And I'm glade Cruztold how the Dem Congressional STAFFERS who Wrote The Bill- now don't want to pay their "FAIR SHARE", they want me and you to pay our fair share AND THEIRS!
Today we find out the IRS Employees want OUT AS WELL-they too want us to Pay Their "FAIR SHARE"!

christian soldier said...

TS- Cruz spelled it out correctly- the 'royals' want the 'peons' to pay (some are my words-you get the point) --
and your take is right on!!

Kid said...

Sorry Carol-CS. I believe it's all lip service. And from Cruz. Dog and pony show. It won't have any effect.
The republican party is impotent at best.

christian soldier said...

K- the spine-less Rs are impotent - that is true-
I do believe that Cruz was right in standing for his constituents--esp - bringing out that the "royals" in Congress and some big businesses ( and - soon - the unions) will be exempt and you and I will be paying for their high end heath care --
They are there to SERVE us in the U S -
I do wish that more emphasis would have been placed on thee fact that socialized medicine has never worked anywhere it has been tried ..

Kid said...

Carol-CS, as I said to TS on my post, OK, but Net Effect?
We're going down for the third time here. If Cruz and others form a Tea Party and enough people are sick of the clown show in DC to elect them in force, then it will have been for... forget that..., it will go down in History as important as any of the founder speeches.

Ema Nymton said...

The ACA law was written by the people's Congress. The ACA law was debated and amended by the people's Congress. The ACA law was passed by the people's Congress. The ACA law was signed into law by the people's President. The ACA law was declared Constitutional by the Supreme Court.

What part of "the ACA law is the law of the land" do Congress TeaBaggers not understand?

And ...

Americans as a nation had a clear opportunity to end ACA themselves.

Last November they could have elected a president who promised to repeal the ACA by executive fiat on his first day in office. Instead they overwhelmingly reelected Barrack Obama. The message to congress, to conservatives, and most especially to the Tea Party extremists, was clear and unequivocal: their philosophy was soundly rejected by the people and the country they claim to represent

Ema Nymton

rosey said...


Affordable Care Act - "proven to be anything but affordable....

Continuing Resolution - "What is the meaning of the word "resolution", it certainly doesn't mean it continues.

Nuff said.

But, wait.... I salute Ted Cruz as the single most powerful man in the world (according to the left) who has the absolute power to stop a speeding bullet, jump over tall buildings in a single bound and yes, Stop Obamacare.

christian soldier said...

R- so glad you stopped by--love your take-