Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Abortion Equals Risk of Breast Cancer- Old News - New News to Chinese

The link between Breast Cancer and Abortion is old news to me-
 I read about it yeeears ago--
NOW and other Pro-Death entities forced the scientific study to be suppressed and there were no blogs at the time- so- 
The Death Stream media hid the warning-that would have saved many women from Breast Cancer --and saved the lives of their un-born children!

Well- the Chinese have done the study again- linking Breast Cancer to Abortion-


Mustang said...

The Chinese are nothing, if not interesting. They design an entirely inhumane program around controlling human population, and then decide that forced abortion (a leftist utopia if ever there was one) increases the risk of breast cancer in women. Meanwhile, the number of Chinese men is twice that of women, which means that either half of the male population must contend itself with a homosexual lifestyle (a leftist utopia if ever there was one), or import brides from other countries –which they are doing with regularity. Therefore, as I said, the Chinese are interesting. Wal-Mart is nevertheless grateful for their plastic wares.

christian soldier said...

M-they force abortions then study one of the results of abortion via breast cancer-my thoughts exactly-
I do hope that their study will reveal the old study that was covered up here-

Kid said...

Very interesting medical revelation.

christian soldier said...

K-sad that it was suppressed- by our media --years ago when it was discovered here in the U S -