Monday, December 16, 2013

US Sheriffs Stand for the CONSTITUTION-and The SECOND Amendment

When the woman stated that the Constitution was not a living -breathing document- the video "had my attention" to the end!!


rosey said...

In addition to these outstanding oath taking law enforcement individuals there are also Oath Keepers across this great country. Made up of current and former law enforcement and military personnel who have sworn to uphold and defend the US Constitution and give their lives willingly in order to do so. The thing that the Liberals who believe that the Constitution is a "living and breathing document" subject to change on whims have seriously miscalculated the sheer number of American Oath Keepers that have retired but still take their oaths as active, until they die. Obama and the statists can purge the military all they want, but in the end those purged still take those oaths to heart and will continue to uphold and defend the Constitution as civilians. That is the "outside" checks and balances that that one sheriff referred to. The fear of Government of the people.

christian soldier said...

R-your comment is VERY encouraging-thank you!!!