Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Faith With Out ACTION Is Dead-I Have Found Another Candidate For Office Whom I Will Support

I have been telling by Christian friends - for a Loooooong time- that one can have lots of Faith but- Faith With Out ACTION Is Dead  (copy write-Carol-CS)

and that voting is not enough-that we must support candidates nation-wide-because  their actions in office affect us all- no matter from what state they are  running--

I  have "found" another candidate whom I will support with my $$$$-
Dan Bogino>>

and here is my other candidate-Joe Miller


Kid said...

Carol. Respectfully. I never have nor will I ever send $ to a politician.

To me, it seems that the clear political path (if one is available[it is not today]) will reveal itself and voters will make the right choice regardless of marketing. Or they will not - regardless of marketing.

christian soldier said...

K- I'll take your 'take' under consideration...been observing the same myself-