Monday, February 3, 2014

HORSES in Training for Bud Ads-

Overcoming a bit of an injury- so- another in my series of-
"So- you think HORSES are Dumb!" series--
Of course - the "you" does no include YOU- because I know - that YOU - readers and comment (ers) - know - that HORSES are the Smartest -Kindest- most Honorable animals in the world-
OK-DOGS and CATS are cool too (-:

Declaration of Independence-spoken in its entirety-Superbowl Ad - and the Bowing Clydsdales - 2002 Superbowl- in honor of the terror attack of Sept 11, 2001--: :


Mustang said...

They are not only beautiful animals, and as you say, intelligent and honorable, they bring us so much pleasure. I can’t thank you enough for posting this! I have to say that the Wranglers are unbelievably talented.

christian soldier said...

M-You so welcome-
It is fun to watch the interaction of Horses and "Folks" (-: