Sunday, February 6, 2011

Watched the Super Bowl This Evening-

I usually do not watch Football -you all know that I am a Red Wings Hockey fan- so - I find the other pro- sports a bit slow for my taste-and I never watch ads-
Except - Superbowl ads--
I was pleased that the Declaration of Independence was read-

Was a little disappointed that the National Anthem singer Aguilera- messed up the lyrics - She mistakenly sang, "what so proudly we watched"-
As to the ads- my favorite was the beaver-who reciprocated a life saving moment--
I looked forward to the Bud Ad - you know I love those Clydesdale Horses-it was OK..
Must say-MY FAVORITE AD of ALL TIME is this one...January 2002-

OH-and Green Bay WON-:-)
and another OH- thank you GB for beating Chicago or bho might have been at the game today-(-: my bad!


Silent Eyes said...

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MK said...

Hope your team prevailed Carol. Those ads are something else aren't they.