Friday, February 11, 2011

Horrors of War..From One Who Was There

Most of us do not understand the awful mental toll that those who battle have to suffer-
Mud Puppy has shared his turmoil-and has given me permission to link to his written expose...I'll give you a few words from his post and then- I hope you will go to his site and read the rest-
and - then read his_ VALENTINE_--Find!!

Resurrection- Mud Puppy

I can't hardly explain what's happened to me in the past few months since I've written to you.

Crashed, burned, drank, cried, laughed, and I stared....

Dead eyed at a loaded gun for about 6 hours...and never picked it up.

I didn't want to die. Had no interest in it really. I believe in God, but I'm not going to be the one to test the theory. Know what I mean?

Its been about 18 months since I came home from Afghanistan and luckily for me, the nightmares have become bearable dreams. Not sure if they're wearing off or my body and mind have simply adapted to them.

My family relationships have all returned to what I like to call, "the new normal" Basically, that's me plus the war equals what you've got now.

Work has gotten back normal as an incarceration center is ever going to get


MK said...

Hope it gets better as time goes by.

The_Kid said...

That's damn sad.

christian soldier said...

MK & K-our BEST go through more than we can fathom...