Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sarah Palin-Reagan Ranch-100th B day-Young American's Foundation

I am so pleased w/ her speech and for the young people of the Young America Foundation-mentioned in her speech..Go Palin !!!-Go Bold Young Patriots!!
this link is her entire - uncut speech!


Jg. for FatScribe said...

good stuff from her. she seriously needs a REALLLLLllllllyyyyy good PR person (I would love to help her out) to become a serious contender for pres. don't think it will happen for her; but for her to be in the position of "king maker" (or queen maker, michelle bachman) is truly remarkable in and of itself.

i was so peeved at the NYTimes editorial today picking on Scalia and Thomas for their political activities. i'll share (if you're okay with this; if not, just delete my comment ... i shan't be offended!)

Los Angeles
February 5th,
20117:39 pm

Oh, cripes, you toady lefties are unhinged at the slightest wind pushing your reed to the right.

Seriously, I had to wade through 5 pages of inane, typical leftist, elitist, BS, to finally ask the question that none of you clowns could:

Where was the high-n-mighty (low down?) editorial pages of the NYTimes and their protestations whenever our LEFTY justices are out flouting their own radical worldviews? I mean, the crackpots on the left of the court are ALWAYS at some lib (yes, dare I say it, POLITICAL) event speaking in Europe or some Ivy League-infested forum about the need to incorporate EU decisions or somesuch higher body of adjudications into our own American jurisprudence.

The justices of the left aren't even trying to pretend any longer about their disdain for the Constitution. They hate it so much (being constrained by our founding document), they want to find precedents that push THEIR radical agendas from other countries! Hulloh! Is this thing on? Or your intellectually dishonest brains still in line getting your coffee and biscotti that you can't even fathom asking the editors at the NYTimes when was the last time they complained about the connections and conflicts and need for recusals from the left?

Pace professore, but you all are such hypocrites!!

Always On Watch said...

She's spot on with this speech.

I miss Ronald Reagan. **sigh**

WomanHonorThyself said...

what great memories of a true leader! HAVE A SWEET SUNDAY dear friend!!:)

MK said...

Great to hear Palin is still kicking ass, if nothing else she continues to enrage the left, hopefully many of them will burst vessels and stay occupied away from screwing the rest of us over.

christian soldier said...

JG_what a wonderful rejoinder to the NYT editorial!! THANK YOU! for sharing--of course I will leave it here!! It is a gift to me and to my friends who come to my site...

christian soldier said...

Reagan is a model-he made some mistakes-but- don't we all-
He was a man of honor--

as to Palin-I marvel at her tenacity!