Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dog Handler-General Rhonda Cornum-prisoner of war -First Gulf War

I used to believe that women should NOT serve in the front lines- then my off - spring-who trained with women at one of the military academies -stated that they were every bit as good as the guys -(and I am known as one who believes that women are MORE THAN EQUAL @Carol)
Interestingly- I read about Gen. Cornum (remembered the stories about women being taken prisoner and molested -by the followers of the religion of peace during the first Gulf War) as a dog handler in the great Dog Show at Madison Square Garden this week because I was reading about the winner -Hickory-Scottish Deer Hound--
See- It pays to read the entire article-that is how I found Gen Cornum..again.:

When U.S. Army flight surgeon Rhonda Cornum became one of two American service-women taken prisoner in the 1991 Persian Gulf War against Iraq, her story of resilience helped convince Americans that female soldiers could serve in expanded roles in wartime. Her memoir about the conflict and her eight days in captivity, She Went to War: The Rhonda Cornum Story , was published to critical acclaim in 1992.

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