Wednesday, February 16, 2011

UC Davis-Students Taught That CHRISTians Are Suppressors-

but- wait a minute - Christian students are afraid to speak up because they would be 'backlashed' an or SUPPRESSED!
It is time that the students sue the University-Thomas Moore Law- or ???

I have often thought of going back to U and becoming an advocacy lawyer-but- there would go my art - again---
up-date:my further take--
turning the other cheek is OK-one cheek / then the other >then we start tuning over the money changers' tables!!!...

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Z said...

CHristians are suppressors, huh?
And, at Wheaton College in Montecito, gay kids are saying how they've felt so scared of coming out...why'd they pick THAT Christian college if they're gay?
Carol, the whole thing is getting SO discouraging, isn't it??