Saturday, February 19, 2011

American Christians Taken By Pirates--Somalia.-Jefferson and Madison--Where Are You !!!!

thank you Jawa-
there are plenty of links at JAWA-
This is my comment :
Jefferson and Madison handled the pirates - on the Shores of Tripoli-(Marines)-
guess we are going to have to look for Pres. contenders who think like they did...

I had posted on the handling of pirates by Jefferson and Madison several times in my early 'blog days'
Paying Tribute is Not the Way of the USA
Pirates -Dane geld (tribute)-Jefferson and Madison
Testing-Pirates Seize US Flagged Ship


shoprat said...

We need men like that again to lead this country. Hopefully we will find one.

christian soldier said...

SR- it is my belief that they are stepping forward and that we must support them when they do...