Thursday, February 24, 2011

Why Are We in the US NOT Drilling for Our Own Oil-

Who are the power winners -and players- who have closed drilling off of our coasts-while other countries drill off of our coasts -
See the video on this link-a scientist visually demonstrates the environmental dangers of NOT Drilling Oil off of the coast of Santa Barbara-(1/2 way through the vid)
Whey are we sending our $$$$ to the Saudis-and other 'Asian'*-countries who are enemies of us in the US!!!
*Asian is the new PC nomenclature for the followers of Islam...

Saudi Arabia in talks to boost output of oil-

Crude Oil -$119 a barrel

Gaddafi regards President B Hussein Obama as a friend to the Muslim world

Links on issues affecting my great Nation will be highlighted in RED for the next year of posting - because- I am seeing RED and it isn't because I'm angry-

Horse Pic

I am not angry any more-I have become focused!


WomanHonorThyself said...

keep focusing Carol.. (hugs!)

The_Kid said...

Carol, I like the painting.

They Say/We Say said...

American's don't get angry-American's get even!

christian soldier said...

WHT-I will my firend-

TK-thank you--I posted it some time ago when the DoD took Bibles from our BEST---and burned the Bibles!

TS-WS - than you for stopping by-you are not blogging -tried your site some months ago--
Look forward to your comments here ...(-:

christian soldier said...

BTW- the painting is my own creation(-:

The_Kid said...

I knew that.

christian soldier said...

TK-and I am glad you like RED :-)

William Stout said...

Because the left wishes to force the American citizen into a green economy and green energy despite the fact that: A. Each green job created kills two non-green jobs, B. The cost of energy will sky rocket and the average citizen will have to pay approx. 2,000 dollars more per year, per family, C. Government will grow exponentially as it creeps into every aspect of American life and such intrusions will be felt within each and every life in America.

Now, you and I would not choose such a thing. Therefore the left seeks to push us into it one nudge at a time down a slippery slope until we can no longer find our way back to freedom. That is why the government does not allow us to utilize our own national oil reserves. It would prevent them from obtaining their objective of control.

christian soldier said...

WS-you've got it!!
as always -
power over the citizens is the first goal of corrupt government officials..