Sunday, February 27, 2011

Gates Visits-West Point - Speech and Photo Essay-

Gates Challenges Cadets to Change Army Culture-Speech
WEST POINT, N.Y., Feb. 25, 2011 – Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates told cadets here that they must continue changing the culture of the Army to ensure the service can handle the challenges facing America.
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Photo essay
Is this the 'change' that Gates is aiming for?
Diversity at West Point-


The_Kid said...

Couple thoughts.
1) I work with a gay kid. If someone 'forced me' to shower with him, I wouldn't take it well. I think I'd demand women in the shower as well. Pack us All in then.

2) I tend to agree with the no more ground wars. Why do we do that ? If we are openly attacked, we simply open the gates of hell on them.
When was the last time Russia or China was attacked? Do you see Somalia pirates attacking Russian or Chinese ships? They did attack a Russian vessel, and all died as a result. Those who survived the initial assault walked the plank. You won't see any more attacked.

Our air offensive weapons should be plenty sufficient to be a deterrent. Course you need something other than a wet waffle in the White House.
Extending this a bit, why would we ever risk a man's life diffusing a bomb in Iraq or Afghanistan? Save a mud hut? Or even a mosque? Screw that. We didn't put the IED there. I agree with Gates on this one. No more ground wars. Put this IED, 10's of thousands of American's maimed, thousands killed to a stop.
Make it so they pay too high a price to mess with the USA. JUST like a bully in the school yard.
My friends and I dealt with this very situation in the lower grades. Successfully.
This isn't any different. Human nature. Survival instinct.

Ronbo said...

The "open gay" thing is not a done deal.

I'm sure President Palin will reverse course on that particular Obama decree. :-)

Mustang said...

It is wise whenever the military services evaluate their policy and programs; they should always try to improve. I think it is true that in 2003, the Army found itself prepared for the last (Soviet) threat; I also think the problem was resolved over the next few years.

That said, Gates should not be so quick to fix things that are unbroken. What Gates is proposing presents a considerable danger to the United States. “No more ground war” is what the Air Force was thinking after 1948. After spending hundreds of billions of dollars on strategic bombers, after we dumped hundreds of billions of dollars of dumb bombs and smart bombs, it still takes the foot soldier to win a war.

Why is Gates being dangerously stupid? I suspect he is a socialist, or a neo-liberal. How can lowering our standards be good for the American people? And then of course, here is another important reality. When our troops engage targets from locations far removed from the battlefield, they are not warriors. Who ever heard of a Lazy-Boy commando? When we cannot learn or reaffirm the important gut-wrenching lessons about winning in combat, it will become too easy to start wars. We should not rush into war, or be so willing to bring misery to the wretched soul who is unable to get out of the way. If we ever reach a point where we award the Bronze Star to people whom never left the comfort of a gaming console, or if we are willing to employ robots against human combatants, then I think we will have evolved into an immoral people. If we are immoral, we no longer deserve God’s grace or the right to triumph over evil.

christian soldier said...

K-and-if we stop hampering our BEST w/ the new RoEs that would help-

R-hope you are right-

M-I never trusted Gates..and- still do not..