Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Blue Hors Matine - RIP

I posted this Ride-in 2008-
just found out that the FABULOUS mare-Blue Hors Matine broke her leg and had to be put down-Being a Dressage Rider/trainer and horse breeder and having had to put my 'friends' down because of injury -well- I have lots of tears right now...

a tribute video in Danish --Matine was a Danish bred-trained Dressage champion...


Z said...

Oh, NO! That's so sad. Mr. Z got me watching dressage in Europe, where it's quite popular and I got pretty good at recognizing a really good horse and rider, etc. I didn't know you are into this..it's a fabulous thing..SO beautiful to watch as I'd hold my breath during their whole routines praying nothing went wrong.
The Danes are really good, aren't they..Germans, too.
This is truly heartbreaking. I feel so badly for the owner/trainer/rider!

christian soldier said...

Z-so glad you were able to enjoy great Dressage tests-(rides) w/ Mr Z--
few people know the difficulty of training for and riding such tests--