Saturday, September 27, 2014

Christian (reformed muslim) Pastor-Admonishes Christians to Stand Up Against Islam -

and he also states that the Jews  (and - my take- CHRISTIANS) should NOT Sell Their Land to Muslims--

My own experience with this-

Two Lutheran Churches merged--the male "leaders" of the churches sold the  prime property to Muslims-
 I tried to dissuade the action-
I got eye rolls- this was in 1998--
This action an many other dumb decisions and actions have led to me leave the Lutheran Church-SAD-

This man is brave and a prophet in his own time-

I am tempted to start a group and name it --C I R -

up date: 

I add this because she is another hero - last search dog from 9-11 ground zero - muslim terror attack-


Adrienne said...

Islam is evil...

christian soldier said...

A-it is and it is not a "religion" >>esp not a "religion" of "peace">>

Mustang said...

I apologize for being so dense, but what does C-I-R mean?

I do not think we can be too hard on the Lutheran pastors in 1998—it was, after all, before 2001. What galls me is that so many today are willing to give Islam a pass. This morning, I listened to a Democrat argue, “We don’t know that the Oklahoma beheading was a terrorist act because the investigation is still underway.” Hard to believe there is anyone so patently stupid in this country, but apparently, there are. Maybe her head should go next ...

Kid said...

What is it going to take for people to wake up? More than we would ever believe I'm afraid.

Yes C-I-R?

islam is a street gang.