Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Pacific Justice Institutute - PJI- Doing Battle for Christian Books in Publically Funded Charter School in CA

I  have found a group worthy of my $$$- PJI -

Time to =put on the Full Armor of God-
Is. 59- God asked-"what are you doing about the shedding of innocent blood and un-just judges" the answer-nothing-so- God put on the Full Armor (battle gear)
Lk 19 Christ commanded us to "Occupy til I come"
Occupy is a military term meaning Hold the Ground Won>>
Eph 6 - God gave us Christians the Full Armor--
many state that the Full Armor not battle intended--
Glad the Founders of this Republic did not think that way--
for me--I will abide by the command of Christ and OCCUPY the ground He won--and it is not just 'spiritual' ground--
OH- to add to the above- dumping the tables of the money changers was not exactly a "peaceful" action on Jesus' part...


Mustang said...

The issue would appear to be the worda, “sectarian,” and “purge.” If one tells a story about people, who happened to be atheists, does the telling of that story encourage atheism? What if an atheist character is injured in an accident and is near death, and experiences a near-death event decides to move closer to religious teaching? Is this telling a story about a character, or is it trying to convert people to a religious belief?

Beyond this, how do fictional characters proselytize in a imagined story?

TS/WS said...

4 times maybe more, [1]turning the tables over, [2] told the Pharisees
they were a bunch of vipers-they were their fathers' sons (offspring of the giants who were the bloodline of the fallen ones-on this side of the flood- Ogg and Goliath -for a couple),[3] when landing on the shore after leaving the boat he walked by the tax man, the tax man stopped Peter and asked if his master intended to paid Tribute tax. He heard Peter say yeah. When at the house He stood in the doorway and would not let Peter in. He asked Peter if Peter had lost his mind.
After sitting down and cooling off a little, He instructed the guys to go fishing and would find the money for the tax; He said He did not have time to cause trouble -had to be somewhere on down the road. Did not pay out of His Treasury.
Tribute Tax is not the same as regular Tax.
Tribute Tax is what the LEFTY'S WANTS US TO PAY. So do the do the U.N. and their NGO's (Climate Change and Health Care ...for a couple).
[4] When the Guards came to arrest him---he made them all fall down.
To get us at captive mental condition--there has to be a Fascist approach which is working pretty well by little steps, soon there will be little resistance to their mental bullying and even the Bible will be on the agenda to be banned.
In the Middle Ages there was a book burning exercise.
It ain't luck we still have the Bible.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Carol, check my blog tonight. Free stuff.

christian soldier said...

M-your takes are thought provoking-
what do you think of Christians staring a group --CIR--
the atheists and muslims have action groups- why not Christians--

christian soldier said...

TS- Christ was no wimp- was he !