Friday, September 5, 2014

Watch Tonight - Friday- 7 PM PT -The Truth About Benghazi By Those Who Were Told to STAND DOWN-13 Hours

You all know how I feel about the officers in our military who followed the command to Stand Down -
Their Oath proscribes  that they protect the Constitution and thus US embassies and US citizens- they did not--
The men who went in dispite their command to Stand Down - honored their oath-and they are now coming out -Watch the interview tonight and get their book -13 Hours-- I am--

initial interview w/ the brave ones-


p47koji said...

It was extremely sickening and depressing to see how uncaring Obama and Billary can the point they put on an act in front of the media - like when Obama puts his comforting arm on Billary seeking sympathy from Americans. Puke!

christian soldier said...

P47-they are evil people- following an evil "god" named Lucifer- they both are followers of Alinsky-who gave honor to Lucifer in his book- Rules for Radicals-