Saturday, January 3, 2015

This American of Danish Decent- Likes This Dane's (Sennel) Take On the "Victim" Muslims

VICTIMS- the most dangerous humans on earth-(MY TAKE) - I have noticed - through out my years - that VICTIMS cause more trouble than any other group- be they blacks- 'oppressed' women'- oppressed men- and et al--
The Danish physiologist--Nicolai Sennels - boldly spoke on the threat of muslims to Denmark--and was asked to leave his employ-

Instead of keeping my mouth shut, I decided to write a book about my experiences with Muslims based on hundreds of therapy sessions. The whole circus that had happened concerning my case had already shown the necessity of breaking the taboos around criminal Muslims. Further, a serious discussion about the relationship between the Muslim culture and criminal, antisocial behavior is, indeed, very much needed. I managed to negotiate a deal that gave me four months severance pay. I am probably the first psychologist in Copenhagen who was offered $20,000 dollars for quitting his job voluntarily. I guess they just wanted to get rid of me, ASAP. I found a well-paying job as a Military psychologist doing psychological screening of soldiers returning from the war in Afghanistan. I also started writing my book, in which I describe a psychological profile of the Muslim culture. The title of the book is Among Criminal Muslims: A Psychologist's Experiences from the Copenhagen Municipality."

Read this and weep - Denmark is going down the wrong path- (My Take) 

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