Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Woman -West Point -Valedictorian- Wants to Go to Ranger Training
Erin wants to go to Ranger School:this photo is courtesy of Erin Mauldin:
What are your thoughts on a 120 ish lb. woman carrying a soldier's load of 80+ lbs over many miles-to do battle? - Understand- I believe that women are equal to men- but- I also believe that she would wear out sooner than her male counterparts- would they have to carry their own gear an part of hers?

Then-cadet Erin Mauldin trains on the Anzio Obstacle Course at West Point's Camp Buckner.(Photo: Court


TS/WS said...

Rhodes Scholars have infiltrated every Government on the Planet, and Military, too.
So, it looks as though advertising their next moves is because they have no reservations exposing who and where they are placing their agents.
Her physical limitations are not as scary as her climb up the chain of command, in taking over the soldiers' belief's in their fellow countryman's rights and freedom.

Kid said...

I read an article that stated that women would be allowed to participate in ranger training, but they would not be deployed and standards would also not be lowered. Of course this nonsense is just getting started.

Mustang said...

Several women Marine officers have given first hand testimony that the physical challenges associated with infantry service is a health hazard to female personnel. I do not believe that women should be assigned to the infantry. It isn’t about them ... it is about, and must remain about, maintaining combat efficiency and esprit de corps in combat units. A loving parent, in this case the military hierarchy, has to learn how to tell these highly motivated women that they may not become infantry officers. There are other, equally important functions that they can provide in combat support and combat service support roles—occupational fields that will not destroy their bodies before they’ve reached the age of 35.

christian soldier said...

TS-Great takes- my Patriot friend!

K-you are right on--a little at a time - to get the liberal agenda in place!

M- my thoughts exactly-
women pilots are equal to the job-
women infantry- not equal to the job!

WomanHonorThyself said...

I think this is patently absurd truly...what a mess the libs have gotten us into !