Monday, March 23, 2015

DETROIT -ISIS Flag on Truck -- But- No Worries-Just Move Along -You Citizens--

Detroit - that once "Parlor City"-wealthiest -per capita - in the country- overtaken by Dem commie/progressives- it took 50 years - but now - Detroit is a 'dump'-

I regarded Detroit as my city- museums- family business- family members  working for the auto companies- et al...

and there is  near-by Dearborn- the city that is now muslim- and the first city in the US to allow loud-speakered prayers to allah--ISIS flags there too?--my guess is yes--

Read the comments that go along w/ the article--the commentors are right on!!>>>


Ed Bonderenka said...

Didn't know you were from around these parts.
Grew up in Allen Park, shopped and ate in Dearborn, formerly a shopping Mecca, now just a Mecca.

christian soldier said...

Ed-thank you for commenting-
are you still in MI?
I moved to CA 35 years ago - I call MI and CA 'home' and - of course- the Detroit Red Wings are my team !

Ed Bonderenka said...