Saturday, March 7, 2015

PROPHETIC Movie-Rules of Engagement- Tells a True Story of the Corruption of the DoS and Complicity By Those in Power-Produced -2000

Corruption -lies-cover-ups in the State Department --
Reminds me of the Benghazi lies and cover-ups--
We know that the RoEs are getting our BEST murdered--and we know that there are those in govt who are traitors and who betray our BEST--well- the movie Rules of Engagement gives a true account  of such actions- and even - near the beginning- gives reference to the first encounter by our Marines -against the followers of islam - in Tripoli--look for a display box with the Marine Sword-
Could not find the entire movie on you tube - did watch it via Net Flix -
Rules of Engagement - w/ Tommy Lee Jones --Samuel L. Jackson --

A must see movie-this link has more information:


TS/WS said...

OSS===Over Seas Services.
Or, something close to that.
It was a little later the Name "Marines" became to be.
And the song was a reminder of the Brave and fierce First Responders to the Bully's of the "Old World".
This Country was a Bold New World that wasn't taking any gruff from them old worlders!!!

What a change today--the Masons of today are in cahoots with the One Worlders Governance Masons of the Blue Lodge (European/Asian/Arab/and so on).
They were kicked out of here in 1776--The Framers learned that in 1740's or 50's, the Blue Lodge was overtaken by the Illuminati.
The Blue Lodge came back in 1864 and set up a Central Government; ie.. no more States Rights.

If you watch the New TV series on USA (Cable) Channel---DIG---
the story of destroying the current infrastructure-and starting over (World Wide).
If you have heard of Irwin Backster, and his account of a tour of the U.N. he took some with him, said that the Symbol in the New York Headquarters is a Phoenix. Rising from the ashes.

----Dig----- is on Thursdays
on USA cable Channel.
It really is close to the agenda happening now.

I don't know what time that will be in your area

christian soldier said...

TS-thank you for the heads up--and
we are losing our Constitutional Republic and must re- educate our youth and eventually get Her back --

WomanHonorThyself said...

the cover ups are maddening!