Thursday, March 12, 2015

lindsey graham-ISTY says he would use military against Congress if he were president-
h/t Joe Miller

some say it was to create humor that grahamISTY said the above--I say- he meant it and thus- he is a traitor to the US Constitution...
What say you?--


Ed Bonderenka said...

I'm surprised Obama hasn't.

Ed Bonderenka said...

I'm surprised Obama hasn't.

Mustang said...

Maybe Graham was joking. Surely not even Graham is this stupid.

cannon said... he trying to usurp the constitution by eliminating congress??? bad bad bad..hang him...
is he trying to defend the constitution by tossing a rouge and out of control congress out to have new elections??? good man, i would support him all the way.

Z said...

and he thinks he can run for PRESIDENT?

Well...Obama did, but REALLY?

TS/WS said...

If you saw the tv series -America- with a backwards r, in the 1980's,
was done to the congress.
And a radio talk show host was killed (before Rush was on the air). How did they know?
I know!

And why does the Hollywood creeps make these shows that are telling us what the world is up to - and no one sees that they are really telling what is going to be done to us!

If you watch the new tv series
This will be more clear!!!!

Like I said before --if your church charter does not FORBID SECRET SOCIETIES, you should run from that church

90 percent of the preachers behind the pulpit are masons---and priest.
Twisting the Word. And, making the people more like cattle-herding as many as possible into the box canyons (pens).

Has anyone ever wondered why a communist was elected to the position of POPE?
I know why no one comments after I do
But I have researched some stuff
that no one wants to believe, or hear!
I am not a prophet--just learned some stuff when I was very young and IT IS CUMMING TRUE
And I have dug - my self, for 10 long years in the 1990's in the encyclopedia
and library; which all led to verses in the Bible; and then I found more on my own.