Friday, November 6, 2015

Carson Lied About West Point "History" /and His Endorsement of a PRO DEATH (Choice) Candidate -- SO No Carson For Me --

I am VERY  familiar w/ the rigors of getting into West Point --so--I am very sad to learn that Ben Carson lied about his history w/ West Point--
as to "scholarships"  >>> My personal take>>>

I homeschooled because I knew - as a former public school teacher- that the system was deteriorating - 30+ years ago-- and the vision was that my homeschooler would be accepted at one of  the military academies --my homeschooler was accepted at USMA and AFA!!
Today- with all of the liberal 'changes' at the academies --I am not sure I would choose them a s goal --

As to West Point offering "scholarships"-after an initial fee  for uniforms etc-($3000) in 2002--all else is paid for with the understanding that the Cadet would serve as an officer for a specified number of years--

and- if one is truly pro life- one does not support a pro death candidate!
He endorsed a Pro Death (Choice anyone!!) Candidate doubles his down side for me-



Kid said...

It looks like politico lied about Ben Carson. Surprised?

christian soldier said...

K-I know that the leftist media cannot tell the whole truth- but- even carson's words keep him on the hook w/ me- AFA West Point--and-
if one is truly Pro Life- one does not endorse a Pro - DEATH candidate-unless that second part of my post is proven to be un true...

Kid said...

CS, I don't know what to make of the 2nd part of your post. Maybe it's dead on, maybe it's a hit piece. I don't know. I'd have to hear Be talk about it and have it fact checked by real fact checkers.

I will say, I'm pro-life, but net net, I'm ok with letting women decide then deal with their God/Conscience as a result. Also, I'm not 100% against aborting babies in the ghettos where LBJ's great society pays females to pop kids out like pieces of toast into zero opportunity environments.

christian soldier said...

I have found that Miller's site is right on- he believes the old West Point code of - Duty -Honor -Country--
so- the photo of B C w/ the pro death candidate is true--
-DETROIT - the first to give ADC-at an accelerated rate--50+ hears ago--my Dad warned that you cannot give other people's $$$$ to women who have babies out of wedlock--it will kill the city and state--LOOK what happened to the wealthiest per capita city _at the time_ in the country!!

we must get rid of govt welfare (entitlements)

as to the babies- they should not be murdered- there are MANY folks who would adopt them--and --

punish the sperm 'donors' and vagina egg 'donors'--by jailing or fining them --or jailing them!!!


Kid said...

Well, the simple solution is stop paying them. In the meantime though.. Foster homes? Foster homes are full of pedophiles. No easy answers. Stop paying these chicks and actually punish them for having babies with no visible means of support by sterilizing them, or sending them to Kenya. The bleeding heart stuff will not work in the current environment. Too many loser opportunists.