Wednesday, November 4, 2015

It Takes An ARTIST To Expose Tyranny-WAKE UP AMERICA

This video from a great artist of today--I need not add to his take--


Col. B. Bunny said...

I'll copy my reply from Crusader Rabbit here in case you don't happen to check back:

That's very interesting. Thank you.

I constantly think about how to take stuff back to first principles. There has to be something to rip out the keystone in the thinking of people who have so casually abandoned a great scheme of government that was an earnest attempt to deal with all the problems of ruler and ruled the Framers were aware of.

The painting in that video highlights how liberty has been abandoned by people who placed government benefits above every other consideration. That is naked self interest at work and, as Adam Smith would attest, it's a mighty engine of human activity but which, in this context (where the morality of redistribution is accepted) makes for a formidable enemy of liberty and the limited government upon which it depends. The "right" painting would show the politician in the chains of the Constitution not the people in chains as a result of their immoral avarice.

christian soldier said...

Thank you Col Bunny for stopping by--Yes = the Constitution has been made forfeit for 'entitlements' and welfare ==which is not "well fare" but merely taking from the workers and giving to those who don't work!!