Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Thank You -Grandfather-DAD-Uncle-Husband--Brother -Nephews-VETERANS!!-and-Let Us Not Forget Bengahzi -And Those Who Went In --

 Grandfather- new immigrant from Denmark - volunteered US Army-WW1-Purple Heart-
DAD-US Army - 4 years in the Pacific -
Uncle - US Army/Air Corps  then US Air Force- P- 38 pilot WWII-& Col.
Husband- US Army- MI Vietnam War
Brother- Vietnam War 
Nephews- US Army-Bronze Star---US Marine-US Navy - 2-US Army

Veterans Day today-if you see one- thank him-/-her--You All Will Love This Tribute:
and-lest we forget- those who went in when all were told to STAND DOWN-thank you to them and to Micheal Bay - Producer- for telling the truth -


Mustang said...

I am grateful the men in your family stepped up, CS ... Thank you!

christian soldier said...

and thank you for your service - my Patriot friend!!