Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Betrayers Remembered and Need Not Show Their Faces

Powell, Colin former Sec. of State
Noonan,Peggy former Reagan speech writer
McClellan,Scott former spokesperson for GWBush
Weld,William former R governor -Mass
Adelman,Ken former Pentagon official
Noonan-I saw through you during Reagan's administration--How DARE you degrade Sarah Palin-a woman of honor -which YOU are NOT!!!

To those listed above--Don't Come Back--You will NOT be welcome!!!
The list goes on and I will add as I think of them ....



shoprat said...

Their time will come. Rest assured.

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

Mr. Obama wanted the job, he can have it. Soon he'll crawl back to Jeremiah Wright for spiritual guidance because after his first transitional briefing at the White House on international issues, Barry will realize he has bitten off way, way, way more than he can chew.

After our nation begins teetering on the brink, there will be a new Conservative movement in America as people realize that this sweeping new Liberal/Socialist movement was a bad thing.

christian soldier said...

sr and pcc--
Thank you -thank you for your encouraging words-
We will stay the course and defend the high ground!
It is nice to know that there are those of like mind who love this country.