Tuesday, November 4, 2008

CA Voters--Did You Notice Anything Different?....

I voted early and noticed a couple of "differences"....

There were no ballot jackets!

When I handed my ballot to the attendant-he took off the top stub and then place the ballot into the box -but- below table level... I have always slipped my ballot into a slot on the top of the ballot box myself.....
Anyone else have this happen?
I know my voter attendants so - I didn't question - at the time...plus-- my off-spring was hurrying me !...."Don't worry about it -Mom."

This election- I'm suspicious of everything that is out of 'normal'.


USpace said...

LOL! I know what you mean sort of, all the states are different though. Years ago I was knocked off the voting rolls here in NYC when I was a Republican, today I found out I was knocked off as an Un-Affiliated. Next time I should register as a Democrat, I bet I won't get knocked off then.

The biggest dangers come from the Left anyway, my votes in NY's closed primaries would be more important there.

Telling Moon Bats I'm a Democrat will stop some in their tracks too, maybe making it easier to chip away at the false veneer of so-called 'progressivism'.

Let's hope he does well, at least not too badly, with the least amount of despair possible. God Bless President Obama! God Bless America!

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we MUST still fight for freedom

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christian soldier said...

uspace-I'm sooo glad that you stopped by...
Your uplift and "absurd" thought brought a smile to my heart.
We will fight for freedom---and I'm glad to know that there are others willing to do the same...
So-let's keep on blogging-writing and using our 1st Amendment!..

USpace said...

You betcha C-CS, we will hang in there. Imagine if YOU were President. Thanks for stopping by.


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