Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I Can't Stop Laughing (-: :-)......TOOOO Funny....

Thank you YAF Jason and Michelle Malkin--
I REALLY needed the ROFLOL today.... (-::::::

Petition to Abolish Greed:)

Give your $$$ to stop free market:)

GO Jason!!!
I admire this young man SOOOOOO much-
He exposes the human results of student abuse perpetrated by our education system - now run by representatives of the Dark Side like college professors (Ayers and his ilke) and the general public education instructors....
Young Americas Foundation YAF is a worthy group to support....Thanks again - Jason...for standing tin the gap!


Z said...

Okay, not having heard of Jason before, I thought you'd gone MAD. So this is all tongue in cheek, right, considering you 'can't stop laughing'?

WHAT THE HECK ARE THOSE PEOPLE SMOKING!? "He's not nationalized EVERYTHING, but he's gone in the right direction..!" ARE THEY NUTS?
They belong in the USSR!


christian soldier said...

I laugh because Jason can go 'under-cover' and expose the human 'results' of YEEEEEars of Dark Side;Ayers-and the majority of professors and HS instructors....